Does anyone remember TSRP(The Specialist Role-Play) and miss it? if so please look here.

I you remember the serious RP in TSRP. That I miss so much can we stir up some chatter of maybe a GModRP TSRP mecklenburg. server like back in the old days where you played for weeks to get a house and start and Org.A game that you earned what you had in it .Where people were known and respected for good RP and good administration. The game I miss so much TSRP where when your in the bravada and smuggling drugs turns into and all out kung fu fire fight that actually took alot of skill to do! please someone answer my call to TSRP once more!

TSRP was only good because money printers didn’t exist, and their was no race for E-Peens.

I’ve read quite a few forum about RP with hate from you haha.
All I want to do is find or create a community for this again and I believe the easiest way to do that
would make a TSRP recreation into G-mod with recreated maps that were famous in TSRP.
I know it’s dumb But its something I wanna do.

have fun