Does anyone still map for ZM?

I downloaded zombie master recently, and instantly fell in love with it, but i’m kind of disappointed in the ammount of decent maps for it.

If someone does still map for ZM, would it be possible for me to make a map, then have them make it ZM compatible?

Thanks in advance.

I map for ZM, I haven’t released anything though, but yeah you could probably hit someone up on the forums and have them set up traps or something if you make the map.

Would you mind doing it?

I’m not that good at setting up traps or zombie spawns, you could either read up about it or ask someone at the zombie master forums.

I used to map a lot for ZM I made zm_jumprope if you know about it.

People mapped for zm. Then L4D came out, and everyone started mapping for that.

I’d map for ZM if anyone ever wanted me to. I love Zombie Master.

I’ll, some day ^^

Every now and then I map for it, but my maps never get far.