Does anyone still play gmod 9?

Does anyone still play gmod 9, or will i be the only one on it when i find a download to it. >.<

Also, if anyone knows, where is gmod 9 download?
And i already have gmod 10(or 11, what ever the latest version is, this means no saying “GET MONEY AND GET GMOD 10 YOU BUM!”), i just want to see what it was like in the days of War of the Servers :stuck_out_tongue:

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if you want gmod9 go to and search gmod

Garry’s Mod 9

already tried that, the download has been taken down-ed.

Already tried it, theres so many i don’t want to accidentally download one and get a virus that steals my steam account. :confused:

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Ontop of Spacewolf’s google search :confused:


yes, but is it safe?

It’s not… that big of a deal, is it?

Uploaded on filefront, and 393520 downloads, would say so yes.

Look for it on (I think). You may need to run it through Google translator if you can’t speak German. It has all the older versions on it.

Not everything on the internet is a virus you know.

Little kids who dont have the balls to ask mommy for 10 bucks

Bad reading for you.

In ModDB you can get it, also it’s one of my Spore mod sources. BUT!
It will run as 9.0 for some reason, so, basically, i’m the only one unable to play on Gmod 9.0.4. thats it, i belive its free

I still play it on occasion. It’s more fun for lans, when you would rather mess around than spend hours building some needlessly complex wire contraption.

You don’t have to build wire shit.

I wish there was a server on gmod 10 without those wire nerds…

There is. I’ve been on 3 yesterday. Just exclude all tags wiresvn.

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