does anyone take ragdoll requests (PAYING)

CLOSE this thread please i reposted it in the correct section

i’m looking for someone who can create ragdolls to well…create some ragdolls for me

if we could sort out some kind of fee for your work that would be helpful (most likely sorted by paypal)

anyhoo onto the requests (if possible)

1: rinoa from FF8
2: irvine/zell from FF8
3: princess ashe from FF12
4: namine from KH2

i believe the models for the above exist as i read about them in a thread a while ago

if you are up for the task (and the models DO exist…)

leave a reply and what your “charge” is for making ragdolls (as i know its pretty hard work) and we an work something out

wrong section

If you’re going to say wrong section, the least you could do is point him to the right section.

oh god what

Makes me think what this guy has planned.


you are truely sick…

A: we already have a squall ragdoll so why not have the party (irvy and zell)
b: whats wrong will making “romantic” scenes with squall and rinoa
c: we have zelda peach and daisy ragdoll…i want to create a joint royallty scene (with princess ashe)
d: sora and kairi…yep that works…but where the love for roxas and namine?

next time do some thinking before you jump to “pervy” accusations…not ALL of all create those immature and stupid “sex scenes” in GMOD…SOME have creative ideas

ADDITIONAL: a freind directed me to the correct forum…so yeah no thanks to you lot

I guess it depends on the person’s opinion on what sick is, but what you have planned is not romance; it never is.