Does anyone want to start a group in Rust?

Hey, I wanna start a group in Rust. I have played 238 hours in Rust, and ever since my mic has gotten fixed I couldn’t stop playing.

Preferably people at least 12 years old, people with a okay mic or better, and possibly Skype.

Thank You

What kind of group?
as in would you be Raiders or what?

I’m just looking for people to play with, but at sometime I would like to start raiding.

I have 79 hours played on rust, and i’d like to join your group. I know that i haven’t played a ton, but I know the map by heart. I also have a mic and Skype. If you want to add me my steam is gunit47.

Steam group? Steam: Golden Dragon

I’m 14 and I would like to join your clan. I have Skype but I prefer to use TeamSpeak. I’ve Logged 102 hours in Rust. I know the map perfectly and play a lot. My steam is: [Four]

hello i would like to join your group my steam name is ROOSTER `,’

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