Does anything still work in GMOD 2015?

I really want to know, does anything still work properly in GMOD 2015? I only want to know if any addons work, like ULX or weapons, but not things like playermodels, dupes, or props.

ULX doesn’t work as far as I know…
But they have added an update on their website, so check there if you’re a server owner.

Download it from their Github.

90% of the stuff I had installed on my TTT server works just like it did before.

Because Garry’s Mod updates every year after the acquisition by Activision. I really liked the M9K Glock Slide Camo DLC, it really made the game stand out from GMOD 2014. Garry also went through and broke all of the weapons and ULX personally, sorry.

Real talk, most of the shit will work.

If I’m being serious, most of the stuff I use are usable, like some weapons, but I’m having lua errors when I’m doing small things, for example, when I was testing parakeet’s pill pack, I turned into a portal 2 turret and started shooting a combine npc, every time a bullet hit him, I got an error from Doom 3 seeps, which I even forgot I had.

Then contact the authors and tell them to fix their addons. Or make a help thread including error + code and someone will help you fix it.

Numbering gets changed to YY.MM.DD, people call it GMod 14, numbering gets changed to YYYY.MM.DD, people call it GMod 2015.

You can’t win.

2015 ?
Garry’s mod 15 ?
15 € ?

What should I can it then? It’s so much simpler to call the “broken update” gmod 2015, and the “old version” gmod 14.

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15+15 is 30 take away the zero it’s 3, 3 sides on a triangle GMOD IS ILLUMINATI!

Stop shitposting like this. Facepunch isn’t Reddit.

Why does he have to break everything???:tinfoil:

This shit gets really fucking old, really fucking quick.

Exactly who broke what?

The developers broke all the lua code.

The developers of whatever addon you have that creates an error, yes. Not the developers of Garry’s Mod.

I don’t think “Garry” himself broke it since the main developer of Gmod is currently Kilburn (I think -correct me if I’m wrong).

Anyway, I can’t check for compatibility problems since gmod doesn’t start any more on my PC (Linux) as a result of the update.

Try to check your addons because Author claims it’s the addons messing up gmod.

OK - thanks - but the addons are written in Lua. That shouldn’t cause a segmentation fault.

Well of course it is, no lua code is broken in Garry’s Mod itself, but a few issues for example the one ph:lxyz has. The developer branch has been out for months now, developers could have fixed their addons for a long time now, and simple haven’t bothered. It’s their own fault for not keeping up with an update, It’s not like we cant ever have an update because some addons might loose compatability, which is very easy to fix nevertheless.