Does Cakescript G2 Work

Does Cakescipt G2 Work? I am going to make an RP schema. I tried using Tiramisu but the clothing thing threw me off.

I’d stick with Tiramisu. It’s a easier to use version of CakeScript G2.

CakeScript is currently broken as well.

What…? How?

Tiramisu is working fine for me at least.

Tiramisu is A LOT better than the old CakeScriptG2.
Yes, CakeScriptG2 is broken, but I’ve got a fixed version of it on my comp. PM me for details.
Although I would really recommend Tiramisu. The clothing feature is excellent, and I don’t understand how it would throw you off?

I am using this to make schemas as I said, and there’s no documentation for Tiramisu and it has some confusing things. (I’m a dumb noob).

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The whole flags thing. Also the clothing has the thing where you have to define all the models and materials in the clothing_whatever.lua file. And I am using custom models like realistic police officers instead of combine and I’m lazy.

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I hate servers that make you have to get whitelisted for police etc. I wish it could detect your “rpness”, the other solution is to just use demoting when someone is bad. (Yes I know demoting is a DarkRP thing), Why does everyone hate Darkrp?