does camo really work?

hey guys, just wondering if camo actually works in rust… so like if i was to wear full forest camo and hide in a bush or forest would i be harder to see or is camo purely for looks?

Yes it does.

I notice that a lot of peeps seem run the game graphics at very low level …can this help them see you clearer and when hiding in bushes or running in the woods and stuff

It works but its not that much of a help if you wanna be a sneaky attacker use rocks and play on distance no one will see you if you do it right. <- This only works with arrow type weapons or Silencer muted weapons

actually i did a fucking amazing attack with camo in bushes other day
i destroy 1 entire build and kill some guys, i jump over the main gate of a base, start takin rockets at build from bushes and change the bushes some time while kill one and other guy and shoot some rockets… at least i run away without get better loot than AK and BOLT with HQM chest and mask LOL