Does DarkRP save for you upon restart?

Just wondering if DarkRP saves all the settings you placed in the server if it crashes/restarts.

It does not for me. I have to manually change the settings each time I start it. I don’t think it should be like that.

I am sure many of you host DarkRP servers.

You did something wrong then. DarkRP saves to the build in sqllite db

probably a bad darkrp verision

It is SVN. Do you think it’s ASSMod?

Doubt it, probably just a bad DarkRP version, as stated, try reinstall at

Few packs up there afaik.

Absolutely not. Do you have any knowledge of what SVN is? The files on are probably outdated and broken.

For the OP, ASSMod has been known to conflict with DarkRP. I’d try installing ULX/Ulib and see if it fixes your problems.