Does exist a tutorial about npc custom animation with objects?

For example, I make an animation: a man keeping a suitcase, how do I put the suitcase in his hands?

ps: Sorry for bad english

It’s all about the Anim_Attachment bones. Basically, the suitcase has an Anim_Attachment bone too, which gets merged with the corresponding one on the Actor.

If you want to actually give the Actor a suitcase, try out this addon:

This is what I do for NPCS.
(In console)
sv_cheats 1
(Look at your npc)
ent_setname x (x can be anything you want.)
(look at your suitcase or model)
(select the no-collide tool, right click on the suitcase or model)
(in console, still looking at the suitcase)
ent_setname y
ent_fire x setparent y
ent_fire x setparentattachment anim_attachment_rh
There are other attachment points as well for the eyes, you can find them all in the Source SDK.
It works with all models, but they won’t always be aligned correctly. Happy movie making!

Use PAC2, really easy and fun to use.

He’s trying to attach things to NPCs or Actors, not players.