Does Garrys mod work kind of like Minecraft?

Can you delete your Garry’s mod folder and sign back in and will it re-Download all of the files that it had when you first bought the game?


All Steam games work like that. :slight_smile: You may lose your save files/custom stuff though, obviously.

Garrysmod works like that but better.

In Garrysmod the grass looks REAL

Of course, the Steam platform does that to the games you purchase. But signing out and back in again isn’t the only way, just click install and it’ll redownload.

Yep, any issues and I go delete everything but the DATA and ADDON folder and let steam reinstall them from the ol zip file thingy ma boby.

in garry’s mod grass is just painted onto a flat surface, like mc.

As soon as you relaunch garrys mod, the folder structure will set itself back up.

Your GCF’s, located in your steamapps folder have the same type of folder structure, and when garrysmod is lauched, the structure (most of it) is exported and setup in your username directory.

Basically, if you have the GCF (or NCF in some cases), you will not have to redownload games if the folder is corrupted/deleted.