Does Garry's Mod's ragdolls act differently than Half Life 2's?

My friend says the Metrocops used to have death animations when shot in the head with a pistol for example, they’d fall back and their hand(s) would go towards their head, you shoot them in the shoulder, their arm goes back, i faintly remember something like this as well as being able to run forward and suicide then my corpse falls forward instead of stopping dead in it’s tracks and falls to the side or something, but i think it’s just the force of the weapon being applied to the ragdoll along with the NPC’s momentum that makes them die in different ways, right? The shotgun (also for example) tends to cause Metrocops to fly backwards and do almost complete backflips because it’s got a strong force to it, and as for my corpse keeping momentum from when i was alive, i’m not sure if this actually happened or if i’m thinking of something else

My friend is very sure of himself and i do tend to forget things, i haven’t played Half Life 2 in a long time so i think i’ve actually forgotten how things are, so i’m quite curious about whether NPCs had a sort of death animation before/after ragdolling, also, that gm_falleritus map don’t seem to work now-a-days, but in old Garry’s Mod videos, i saw you could go down that long white slide and reach the concrete platform at the end with your corpse, i tried that one day and my ragdoll could barely get past the second or third blue ramp or one of the bars you come across

To put it simply, has Garry’s Mod’s ragdoll physics/mechanics changed at all?

No, but other people are working on a new physics engine using the Bullet Physics engine.