Does GCFScape still work?

I’ve been trying to find cs_office and it wont work.

You’re probably looking in the wrong place, also are you looking for the bsp or the vmf?

I’m looking for both. I tried google. Nothing came up.

You won’t find the vmf. GCFScape works just fine, search all the counter strike GCFS, there’s more than 1.

Yeah, the vmf isn’t there.

I know how to get the VMF don’t worry… but It does work… no idea what I did wrong… but out of no where it works…

So I decompiled cs_office right? I couldn’t find one node… How do the bots work so well on that level rather than mine?

It uses an updated AI system that Left 4 Dead uses. You make the nodes through the console instead of in Hammer.

Ahh… Okay. Thanks though. Very much appreciated.

I don’t want this to turn out like a 2 seconded thread. I thought it was a real problem. Let the boxes begin :sigh: