Does GibSplat 1.5 work with GMod 11?

I’m having a problem with GibSplat. I’ve put it in the addons folder, but when I type gs_enabled 1 or whatever the command was, it says unknown command. And there’s no dismemberment. I’ve tried explosions, the shotgun, Magnum and all sorts of weapons on different ragdolls and NPCs. Can someone help?

are you sure you downloaded it from its developer or typed right command in the console?

I actually got it to work just now on zombies and Kleiner, but it was only worked after I tried it on the corpse and not the npc. But now I tried again and it didn’t work.

You can’t gib the NPCS. Only their ragdolls.

I can’t get it to work at all anymore, it suggests the commands but when I enable GibSplat the dismemberment still doesn’t work on ragdolls or anything.