does gm_mount2 work now at this?

if some of you remember, gm_mount2 stopped working because of a certain update…but i start seeing many released contents based on gm_mount2 like L4D2 sweps and the new Alien Swarm gm_mount2 addon. Now im wondering, does gm_mount2 work again? because i re-download it and it doesn’t appear on mines. (unless I got the wrong one)

The SVN version does, though most of the AS stuff doesn’t work, because it uses an updated .vtf format, which GMod doesn’t support.

Oh…where can i get this SVN version :smiley:

In the thread…

The readme has a link to This is my website for gm_mount2.

You also find everything in the respective Facepunch thread.

SVN is not required. The normal downloads are always up to date and build out of the latest SVN-Version automatically.