Does GMod lua support unicode strings?

I’m asking this because I want to use certain characters not included in the ASCII charset in my scripts, but don’t know if there is any way of getting them in a string :confused:


[del]Pretty sure that’ll work with Unicode.[/del]

Scratch that, string.char only works up to 255. Not really sure then. You could make an array of unicode characters and just draw off that.

All the valid chars for string.char:


Nope, doesn’t accept values higher than 255. What a shame.

What kind of characters are you shooting for?

Astrological symbols. Don’t ask why, though :smiley:
I guess I can just use images of those symbols if I really need them.

Images are probably preferable, but if you only need a few characters you can probably just copypaste them from somewhere.

Why don’t you make your own font with all the astrological symbols and resource.AddFile them to the client, then draw using that font.