Does gmod really run faster on older computers?

I heard somewhere that gmod ran faster on older computers because it was built for older computers. Is this true?

There is fundamentally nothing different between older computers and newer computers other than the specs.
GPUs were starting to get popular back when Gmod was being made, so I’d even go as far as to say that older computers missing them have an even harder time.
I spent days trying to understand why some people were having huge lag spikes when using one of my tools only to discover that it was because they didn’t have a GPU and the halos being rendered around entities was too much for their CPUs to handle.

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Oh ok so it was a myth then. Haha

I was genuinely surprised since I had dropped gaming for 2 years and came back and started gaming on this potato genuinely gmod can run on a decent fps obviously it’s not in the 150+ but it does it’s job.