Does hammer can crash an hard drive ?

Hi, i’m sorry if that’s not the right section but i’have an important question :

Does Hammer can crash an hard drive if it’s has too many models and material ? I explain.

Yesterday, i was mapping on my map with my friends on skype (screen capture). When suddently, i saw a bluescreen.
My computer restart and my motherboard sayed to me “NO BOOTABLE DRIVE FOUND” witch is sound of hard drive death and my mum said my hard drive has been beeping before crash
Finaly drive start’s fine after completely shutdown and no reset…

I do several test on my drive and it’s seems it’s fine, no bad sector, no head errors, everything its fine !. I was on Windows 10 when it’s happend.

I was hugely problem with Windows 10. The wifi who plants some delays, and other issues that I do not quote because I could make a book I think …

So I quickly did the flashback to Windows 7. But now I 'm really scared Hammer whether the cause of the crash or Windows

When I start hammer , I see the LED flash hard drive blink for a long time .

What I can do, there is there a real danger ?

Sorry for my english, i’m french :\

Was it working fine before you upgraded to Windows 10?

I’ve never known hammer to crash a PC to blue screen before. It has quit itself but never a reboot.

I didn’t have Hammer when i upgraded to Windows 10 :. I installed it on it

Sounds unlikely that Hammer would be able to do that, must have been a coincidence.

Yeah, A friends have got the same problems today. But he didn’t have hammer. I think Windows 10 is very dangerous for hard drive !.

  1. It shouldn’t. Hammer will usually crash when somethings wrong (critical) is happening.
  2. A hard drive don’t beep as far I known, you should mistake this with the BIOS. The only things a hard drive is able to do is to make “clicking noises” (internal hardware problem).
  3. If your wifi is not working correctly. There no danger about it. It can happens sometimes. Be sure to update your drivers to the latest.
  4. For everythings else, it’s more of a hardware problems you got. Post your problems to

Hard drives can chirp and click. They can also buzz, but I’ve never heard it beep before. You might be able to make the voice coil do that?

Sorry if no answer, that problem is solved :\ Don’t understand what happend

The beep he hears is the platter motor attempting to start; I had it happen on a external hard drive, which I managed to solve by shaking it a bit. Three years later I’m still using said drive in my server without issues.

every map i try to create now that has detail in it crashes hammer, so no more mapping in source for me forever until they make a new source engine that far exceeds the existing one, also means the maps i’ve been working on will be dead, waste of my time really

well that should not happen the only thing i know what hammer can do is if you make an very unoptimized map the compile progress can rape your pc but not crash it i never got a bluescreen problem on that point

you changed back 2 win7 if i understood that right well that is the problem, may you got some wrong BIOS settings aswell did you installed every driver needed for your pc? like Intel, USB controller etc