Does it matter if bones are linked or not?

When rigging cars the bones are usually linked in this order:

But, if I want to animate the suspension, I can only use rotations on suspension bones, which works fine for cars, but now I have a jeep and it would look stupid if suspension moved like this

instead of directly up and down. Because if I wanted to use up and down I would have to move the bones, which is not allowed if the suspension bones are further linked to some other bone.

So, my question is, would it have any affect on the car if I didnt link suspension bones to frame but instead left them unlinked? Thanks for answers.

I don’t think so, I’m pretty sure its only necessary for ragdolls but I could be wrong.

you could try unlinking, moving and then relinking. Might work.

In the program I use (Blender), you can choose to have the bones connected or disconnected, so I would think that you can have them disconnected but still making sure the bones are parented correctly. Which program do you use? (Or are you working with something different from parenting bones?)

I use 3ds max, and as soon as I unlink them they become equals (frame is no longer parent).

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Okay, Ill try that.

No, the movement for some reason changes, it moves for less a distance after I link it, also, I noticed that sometimes differences between frames appear (if there was no movement before between two frames now a small jump is noticed). I can already smell anomalies in-game because of that (after all, we are trying to do something that is generally not allowed ;).