Does localized physics work?

TL;DR: If you stand on something and it moves, do you realistically move with it? Get killed by it? Spazz outside of the world?

In gmod/source 1 there had to be employed a shitload of loopholes to make this work (and still it didn’t work perfectly)

Is this somehting that’s gonna be available out of the box? Or at least possible without loopholes?


I’d assume you’d move with it. It is just local physics after all. Perhaps add the ability for the server to check that object if it’s not meant to move clientside.

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True welds and good localized physics are 2 of my most anticipated features, for the purpose of space build / naval play / acf and stuff, one of which has already been confirmed.

If there’s not a system for it then there should be, luckily it won’t take long until Layla hops onto one of his patented box cars and either of these might happen:

  1. Layla travels safely because everything is already perfect

  2. Layla falls off, clips through or dies, he realized there will need to be some work on localized physics


Layla has developed a deep hatred for bad localized physics on a moving platform after the many falls from the logs on Sawmill.


One thing that bodes well for the hope of localized physics is how HL: Alyx showed it in action already. Whenever the player is holding an object such as a bucket or box, all of the objects inside the held container move seamlessly with the player as they walk around. The container isn’t directly applying force to move the objects with it, since that would be very hard to get right, but instead all of the objects are put in the reference frame of the player themselves. Even though the code behind this feature was likely on the VR side of the engine, we at least know that the underlying physics framework can support something like this.

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Layla posted a video in the discord (sbox general afaik) where you was able to move on a unfrozen box (on another unfrozen box) without weird glitches like in gmod when you walk on multiple unfrozen props

sadly i cant find it anymore in my browser history

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