Does making a drawing for a key still work?

Just wondering if they are still giving out keys for drawings.


Proof ?

Edit: Apparently they are still giving out keys on pages 65+, meaning that it is STILL worth it to draw a picture and post it in the thread.

they recently gave out keys on 64 and banned a few people on 65 or so, so obviously they are giving out them

They should close the post then, they are torturing people for NOTHING.

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65, 64, what does that mean?

the pages

Garry only gave out keys to the first page, don’t count me on that though.

If they aren’t handing out keys anymore, they should NOT let that tread be open and let 20 pages of just awesome pictures be placed for nothing.

This is the problem with giving out keys to only certain people, everyone is beggin for a key and they are not wrong, it just becomes a shitpile in a short period.

Not that I want to flame anyone, I like how the game works, but I am right in one way or another…

Im wondering about this aswell, they should just end it or say when it is going to end, than show all of the pictures that got the keys, i posted mine at 67 and i think that it looks good enough to get a key, i still dont like the fact that people whe drew like 5 year olds on first page got it, just cause they were on the first page :S should really know the ending of it, and like replys saying why they liked/didnt like the picture and say if they got the key or not…

well you don’t know that, some ppl dont edit their forum post about getting a key

I would think so, they are probably just catching up.

Totally agree, I couldt upload my drawing earlier becouse I am on holiday and shit, but the uglyest pictures get a key.

My post is at page 66, I haven’t received anything either (yes, my entry was kinda terrible, but judging from the first pages, I should have a chance, I hope…). I’ve also read, as quoted in this thread already, that they’ve stopped sending out keys. At the same time, I can see that mods have been through page 66 and 67 with banhammer, so maybe we just haven’t been picked? I don’t know, only time will tell I guess :slight_smile:

I sure hope they’re still giving out keys. I spent 30 minutes last night on a drawing.

I don’t think anybody has got time to comment every posted picture.

they the mods did go thru 66 and 67 so they are checking the people who got the keys on page one are cuz they posted first so garry prob thought that thats the best the community could draw xD

now imagine if all the people in that drawing thread create post like ‘GIVE ME KEY PLOX’. Instead they creating threads like this.

Now what the hell made you think that?

My drawing is on page 35 and so far have received no key! : (