Does one of these GM:EntityNetworkedVarChanged, Entity:SetNWVarProxy work?

In other words can I track NWVars’s changes?

Hook EntityNetworkedVarChanged.NetworkedVars exists, SetNWVarProxy saves given callback function, but seems like doesn’t work at all.

These functions works for SetNW2Vars

what da heck? Where can I find more information about it?

There’s no information, as these functions were buggy, they renamed these functions to SetNW2*
No documentation, because these functions works like normal SetNW*

If I get you right, NW2Vars isn’t stable, but it will fixed next updates?

I never had issues with nwvars, even kilburn fixed these, but i don’t think they will put them again to the main brench

Ehm…? Put them again to the main branch? You mean it will in dev. branch only?

They won’t replace nwvars2 to nwvars, if do you want to use proxy, use nwvars2, as it

Oh great