Does parenting then welding provide any performance boost over just welding?

This is all the superparent tool does, as far as I can see anyway - does anyone know if this actually gives any performance gain? With regard to reducing lag, rather than weld stability, that is. Unless they aren’t mutually exclusive - the only thought I had was that improving the stability of the constraints may reduce the calcs needed to resolve the entities’ positions, but that’s conjecture, nothing more. Has anyone come across this topic before?

Parenting would reduce the coalitions, since the entity looses its collisions after being parented, pretty much no point of welding it afterwards.

Actually, when you parent something, the physics object still exists, but doesn’t follow the entity anymore (it’s left behind wherever the parenting took place) - you can collide with it if you re-enable collisions on it. Welding seems to force the physics object to follow the entity again, which is how superparent works.