does rust client use dynamic/random ports

Hi Everyone,

I bought rust a few mins ago as I wish to play on someone’s server specifically. I can’t seem to find any place to input a static server connection, so I am assuming the game doesn’t work until the server browser(whatever it is when you click “play game”) is up and running.

I am tight on security in my home though, my cisco is blocking the ports rust uses and the issue is every time I start up rust, it seems to use a different port! Plain and simple, it seems that this game is totally incompatible with security hardware/software? Am I doing something wrong?

If this is the case currently, could I ask that you allow a user to specify which port they want to connect to your servers outbound on in the client.cfg file?

I can’t turn off my firewall just to play rust :frowning:

Thanks, hope someone can help here!


Im not 100% sure what youre asking but Ill wing it. Depending on server to server, their user port can change. For example, it doesnt have a default port like minecraft for example and would change from server to server. Whether the port which is chosen is designated by the service provider or the owner of the actual game server, I dont know. If youre unable to download the server list, you can always open the console (F1) and type “net.connect ip:port” for the server if you already know the ip:port.

Thanks for that kingcoolryan, you are in the end correct. I have tested allowing only the target server port through the firewall and then using the net.connect server command to connect to the destination server.

No problems and works fine. Would still be a decent thing to do though, to have the client connect back to the Rust servers to pull the lists down over a single or set group of ports.