does rust disable ahk (autohotkeys)?

as the title says i wonder does rust experimental disable autohotkey? i cant configure a harmless script

if it does witch programms arent blocked with rust to play keyboard marcos?
tnx in advance

As I understand it EAC blocks things like that

EasyAntiCheat blocks AHK. And basically everything else for macros. You may have a harmless script but AHK can be used to make antirecoil scripts.

Type it out.

which programs are allowed to be used with eac so i cud record keyboard marcos?

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if ill found some prog that isnt blocked by eac will i be banned?

What do you need keyboard macros for? Like, actually?

And, I’m not a dev, I can’t say whether or not you’ll be punished for finding a working macro app. However, consider that EAC are paid by garry to actively find exploits in Rust and close them (with bans for offenders), you may want to think hard about that risk. Currently, once you’re EAC-banned or VAC-banned, all secured servers are filtered out of the list, and you’ll only see unsecured (meaning: no anti-cheat) servers.

like shift+w at the same time with space+ctrl

I would like them to add double tap w for running, holding shift = kills my wrist.

So, you want to use a bunnyhop script.

Yeah, I don’t think the EAC guys’ll be too sympathetic.

just rebind w for running and shift for move forward?

rebind run and forward to w and you will always run.

no hotkey service is supported, and i’m yet to hear a legitimate reason to allow it.

/kill is 6 keystrokes, /loc is less. running is holding 2 keys or binding it to one key as above. honestly, if you are too lazy to use the buttons to play it, why are you playing the game at all?

b/hopping doesn’t work as far as i know, and would not be something anyone here would want to help you do; the community doesn’t take kindly to people trying to get advantages via outside programs, or ingame exploits.