Does Rust just updated?? can we join any news??

So i just noticed that rust got updated any news out there i am currently testing the server …

Same update as the previous i mean same size …


sry about the greeks in the picture ^^

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i just checked the server still cant login so no luck :confused:

I got the update as well. Did you update your server?

I joined one server, but my two servers are currently being ddos’d so

yeah i update the server also restart it and nothing just let me try restart the pc

Multiplay servers are being updated solely for Rust as well so I’m expecting some sort of protection to the DDoS.

its not working yet :frowning:

Confirmed. Servers are currently also admin locked while they roll out the update.

that was my thinking aswell

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If you are going to say something is confirmed you’re going to need a source.

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i am waiting for the server-side update nothing yet…

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This thread is the pinnacle of the English language.

He is obviously Russian, you try speaking another language accurately.

They are? great to hear, I just bought a multiplay server 3 days ago, and I’ve only been able to play in the ungodly early morning hours haha.

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Greek by the looks of it, if you check his pic he posted.

From the Clanforge News for those who are using Multiplay.

If u are referring to me first i am not Russian i am Greek and i currently live in Bulgaria
second forgive me if i cannot speak your language fluently but i ll make u a question can u even understand my language

Ehngage yes they are. I’ve been using their servers for games for the past 8 years or something stupid. They have been around a long time. They run the iSeries events in the uk like i45 etc.

Warum sollte ich?

Google translate is very inaccurate, there is currently no translator that can do multilanguage grammar conversions