Does Rust run smooth for you?

Don’t have the game quite yet. But I’ve been watching livestreams of Rust and the game looks pretty smooth.

How does the game run for you? Whats the usual FPS that you get?
If you’d like, you can post your PC specs If you want.

Also what doesn’t run smooth? Like animations or just general game-play.

I get so many FPS (fucks per second) Dem bitchez all over dis bod.

I get constant 60-80 fps on good quality with my Samsung laptop.
My PC specs are as follows:
intel i5 2,5/3,1GHz
8GB ddr3 Ram
intel HD 4000/Radeon HD 8750M graphics with 2GB GDDR5
A screen, a keyboard.
That’s about it.

No way man!! they gave you a screen and a keyboard with your laptop?? man you are so lucky.

My specs are good but I get FPS issues when I use Chrome. It’s perfectly fine under Firefox and Safari.

I use good quality since the difference between good, beautiful, and fantastic is only the shadow draw distance. Constant 60 fps on my new computer.
Fastest on my 2009 computer is also 60fps.

It runs pretty good here

Rust has good stuff under the hood I think, runs well for everyone seems like

Mid-High End PC from 2011 and it runs good at 60 fps on highest settings
Specs: I5 2500k, Gtx 560ti, 8gb Ram

It fucking chugs FPS like cheap booze down a drunk’s throat.


during raids it dips to 30-50 because of all the flares