Does Sassilization have bots or something?

I keep seeing this user join my server. Steam name “|Sassilization|”, SteamID STEAM_0:0:42335576. They’ve managed to rack up 80 hours on my server, yet every time I see them they’re noclipped into a corner of the map doing nothing. I’ve kicked them a few times for wasting a slot, and they just keep coming back and wasting it. I’m about to ban them now. I’m wondering if this user’s actually associated with Sassilization or just someone trying to spread a bad rep (or maybe even just an idiot).

I would prefer an answer straight from Sassilization, but I don’t know if Sassilization’s admins/moderators/staff/carpenters actually come into this section often, so I’m not picky. Only reason I didn’t ask there is because I’d rather not register somewhere new or use BugMeNot for such a simple question.

I just talked to Quack (one of superadmins at Sassilization) and he said the person has nothing to do with Sassilization. Probably just some random guy.

Use him to your advantage, test your experiments on him.

Lava, I have a “|Sassilization|” , SteamID STEAM_0:0:42335576 on my friends list. I’ll have a look. I swear, there is no way to tell some kids that the amount of hours you have doesn’t mean shit for becoming an admin. If they’re just sitting in the corner of the server I bet that’s why.