Does SetEyeAngles exist as an input in Hammer Editor, as it does in LUA?

I’m asking this in Developer Discussion because you guys are probably more familiar with LUA than the mapping section.

I noticed that SetAngles is a method under the Player class in LUA, and also happens to be the name of an input in Hammer Editor that you can use to change an entity’s orientation.

Does this also apply to SetEyeAngles? I can’t test it right now cause I’m at work but I’m curious to know if you guys have tried this.

If so, can I expect other methods under the Player class to work as inputs (such as SetFOV, AllowFlashlight, etc)?

See pic for clarification:

Any correlation between entity inputs and function names in Garry’s Mod is a coincidence. If the input isn’t listed in the FGD or wiki page for the entity you’re firing it on, unless you manage to discover an undocumented input, it won’t work.

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If you really wanted, you could add SetEyeAngles as an input via GM:AcceptInput, by intercepting any input to a player with the name SetEyeAngles. However, there are better ways to accomplish that.

If you want to find out if an input is supported on an entity, use ent_info <entity name>. This works on all natively existing (C based) entities, and will show any generic inputs supported by lua entities (however, it can’t display more specific I/O features when used with lua entities; you’re best bet for them would be to find the AcceptInput method and read the code).

If its only for players you could try