Does size matter?

So was thinking of all these “Best Base Builds”, I always see long tall builds. Is it better to build long and tall, or do you think Wide would suffice? I know the bigger and larger you build is going to be best, but if you had to choose one?

Someone should make a program to calculate material costs for base construction in Rust… Maybe you do it?

They have one. Calculator

I prefer girth. It just feels so much better.

In the grand scheme of things, due to roofs being impossible to destroy, technically a really wide 1 story base with lots of metal doors and rooms would provide a huge challenge to raid. Your giant tower wont stop hackers flyhacking or superjumping all the way up and blowing their way in.

My thoughts exactly. Also was thinking with a base like this, it would not be as easy to grief. No destroying stairs and rendering a base useless. More ways out and easier to fix.

My GF says no, but i think she is saying it to make me feel better about myself :downs:

Tall is cheaper because roofs cost less than foundations. It’s also easier to find a good spot in a mountain for a 4 story 5X5 than a 1 story 10X10

I prefer wide and low. 3 stories is about where I stop.

Yeh I can see where the cost will make a different but in the long run if someone is getting through a less expensive made Base, and you lose everything, then was it worth it? The old adage “You get what you paid for.”

HEY!!! If it is a problem, then it is hers. You are perfect the way you are.

I have gone through many a base. I have built staggering height towers and bulky beefy bases.
However, my current base has the record for failed raid attempts against.
At the moment, this base has withstood 22 days without a successful raid against. So far I have had a total of 6 raid attempts. I do believe it is catching wind that this base will leave you poor.
At the moment, it has 62 metal doors and a interior of flood walls that will leave you frustrated. I can only attest to its success so far and that is, it will require a raid team a minimum of 100 C4 to fully penetrate.

That is magnificent. Did you plan on building like this or did it just happen?

this is much like my base, but mines only half the size using all buildable blocks in an area. there have been a few attempts to raid but since its got metal doors throughout they usually give up.

I’m assuming you have your stash spread out everywhere, as it would only take around 10 c4 to get into the middle, which is where I would assume most people would keep it as its the safest, but you could always spread it out. How many floors up did you go>?

Honestly, the best way I’ve found is both. Go wide, and once you get at least 5x5 you can start going up. Width works best when there are no open wall spaces in the place - either doors or walls. That just requires two more C4 to get thru it. If you go up, make plenty of stairs, and do the same on the second floor - not empty wall spaces.

I got raided with recently and the folks had to use 32 C4 to get to every box, and because I use as much as I can, might have gotten 2/3s the parts for maybe 4?

Trans…It started off close to a cross pattern and I soon realized that there is alot of foundation space around it. I felt in order to maximize any reinforcement I had to fill those foundation areas up. At the time I knew we had a few griefers so, the motivation was there to fill those slots up before someone else did with something else. Soon after laying the foundation I had a “oh shit” moment and realized the project at hand.

Rustypipe, rule of thumb that I am sure you know. Never,ever keep your stash in one place. Yes…this was a hard learned lesson. I also find it amusing since my “cash” stash is no where near this base but rather in the wastelands. When I am in need of explosives or weapons or other needy gear, I just suicide back to there,yes…it is a lengthy walk…but almost necessary.
As well, the deterrent is that all rooms look the same and include the same amount of Large Wooden Crates. Inclusive is the fact that almost each room contains at least 2 metal doors ,some with 3. You will still be blasting away your C4 no matter which direction you go.

Yeah I split my stash up as well, the only thing I hate about that is its an organization nightmare but worth not loosing everything.

Yeah it looks like each floor would take 2-3K wood to finish, if not more :stuck_out_tongue:

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Actually looking closer your probably looking at 5K+ per floor

I went with a 5X5X7 and each room is pretty much a 1X1 so each floor has 19 metal doors with the first floor having 20 (so 96 doors total). Every wall that isn’t a door is barricaded so it helps absorb some of the blast. From the outside you can’t see any loot chests through the walls and I’ve heard passerby’s actually say “this place is abandoned, lets skip it”. I currently takes 48 C4 per floor to clear and with how random I’ve placed the stair cases they are wicked hard to find to gain access to the next floor. In total it’s close to 350 C4 (without barricade buffer so prolly closer to 400 C4) to get it all so people just leave it alone. I’ll proly cap this thing at 8 floors and just see how long she sits. So far it’s been 3 weeks and aside from one stair case being built up the side (when it was a 3X3) it’s had zero raid attempts.

for a second i thought this thread was about something else…

This is actually well built and most people wouldn’t spend the time / c4 to get into it, however how much wood did that take.

I’m guessing probably 50K wood a least. The time spent to gather that would either require a good group or a very long time.