Does steam store local content?

My computer just crashed, and now I can’t even recover anything.

Does steam store at least some local content from my gmod folder, or do I have to replace my 20gb folder that I have accumulated over 2 and a half years?

“Crash” usually means PC just restarted. I’m taking you are talking that it broke/died.

Steam does NOT store any of your custom files such as addons, zombie survival models and maps, etc on the steam servers. If your Hard Drive is no longer accessible then they are gone for good.

Woops meant it stopped working.

Well thanks, I guess that means all the two and a half years I played gmod are gone.

I sort of know how you fell. Few years back I was making a GMOD video for few months, and then one day BAM, the Hard Drive died. I was in such depression that I didn’t even looked at GMOD for years.