Does the bleeding effect stack?

The other day I got in a spear fight with another naked. We both stabbed eachother a decent number of times and both managed to heal with meat once or twice. After about 2-3 stabs I noticed my health was dropping REALLY fast and not even my stack of meat could save me. Unfortunately I had no bandages, and ended up bleeding out and dying. I died before my fellow newman, so I don’t know if he bled out as well.

My questions is, do the bleeding effects stack? If I get stabbed when bleeding does it double the damage per second? I was taking at least 10 HP/second loss, if not more. I don’t remember reading anywhere about this so I’m just curious if this was/is intended.

i think there is “bleeding” and “critical bleeding”. the new UI doesnt show as much information as the old one, before we used to be able to see it when we were critically bleeding.

Yes, I do remember a critically bleeding debuff before the new UI came around now that I think about it, but I never knew exactly what caused it. I only ever saw it when stepping in snap traps. I guess its possible if you take damage while bleeding to become critical, might have to do some testing to know exactly when it happens.