Does the game run better on SSD versus a HDD ?

Just as a title says, i have a SATA3 SSD and i wonder if there ca be noticeable difference between running it on this drive rather than old HDD.

Um. Everything runs faster on SSD rather than spinning disk.

If I were to guess, the main improvement would be loading times, and maybe slightly more frames per second.

I get a good extra 10 FPS and minute long load times on my SSD. Its worth it, but bear in mind, it will degrade performance of your SSD over time. You may want to get a low capacity SSD for your games, as well as another for your OS. Use a standard drive for mass storage.

Your SSD performance only degrades if you don’t run the SSD “defrag” (not really defrag) on it. Most vendors provide a tool to do this.

How many end users do you think actually do that? :zing:

I just got an SSD, let me tell you what I’ve seen:
-Loading games is faster, and by that I mean that the models, textures, and the maps get loaded much more quickly for any game.
-You’ll get slightly better FPS when running around because it’ll take less time to load new textures/models/parts of the map.
-Exiting the game is quicker.

You won’t really see any crazy FPS boosts or cooler computer, but an SSD is great compared to any HDD I know of.

HDD is definitely a bottleneck

But just saying, unless you play Hapis Island, your loading times will still be crap. Creating the procedural map still takes ages compared to benefits the SSD does give, but for me, the slight hiccups seem to be gone during in-game. Placebo effect maybe? :stuck_out_tongue:

Last I tested, the short freeze when opening a new container is due to reads from the harddrive. I assume those would be minimized with an SSD.

Yes. I recently switched and noticed an improvement in load times.

The game will get to the main menu faster for sure, load times for procedural maps will be slightly faster but still mainly limited by CPU. As far as increased FPS, I have a hard time imagining it making much difference. Once the map is loaded, Rust doesn’t seem to call on the disk for assets very often, assuming you have sufficient RAM.

I moved Rust from my HDD to SSD a while back. It helped significantly with load times. No FPS increase, and there shouldn’t be. It’s a hard drive. It has nothing to do with video performance.

However, when moving from an “empty” area to a populated area where a lot of textures, items, etc need to be loaded, it will make an apparent different in your graphics as these items will load a lot faster.