Does the l4d2 content work with gmod?

As the title says I’m trying to work with the l4d 2 content for my map but does it work with garrys mod? I may have mounted it wrong or something but gmod keeps crashing. Any tutorials for getting it to work so I can use the resources for my map made in ep2 source sdk?

You can’t use Left 4 Dead 2 content in Source SDK just because you mount it in Garry’s Mod, they’re two separate programs.
Left 4 Dead 2 models (and maps I do believe) use a newer version of the engine compared to Half Life 2 Episode 2, so you’re going to either have to convert those models into Ep2 “format” and move them into Ep2’s folders.

But then those converted models wouldn’t show up for other people who mount Left 4 Dead 2 and play on your map I don’t think, because Garry’s Mod looks for models in the Left 4 Dead 2 folders and not the models that you converted into Ep2 format

I need to rephrase, I’ve extracted the files from l4d2 and put them into the ep2 folder, they show up and I’m using them in source sdk. It seems to be the models crashing while the materials work fine, any way to convert them so they can be used and I can pack them along with the map?

Wouldn’t it be illegal distribution of the models and their materials if you packed them up with the map unless Valve specifically released all the games models somewhere which I don’t think they have

Apparently it’s not, I found out earlier through these forums, there’s some article on fpsbanana that states Valve have made it okay to distribute their content between valve games.