Does there exist any Army Roleplay? (INFO)

Does there exist any “Army Roleplay”. I dont want DarkRP or crap like that. But serious Army Roleplay. And if there isnt could it be made? (Ofcourse most things can get made)
It would fit perfectly for one of our servers we have up at the moment.

I would hope it wouldent be anyway like DM because I’m a serious roleplay prefer gamemodes where some little kid (or anyone else) dosent walk up to you with a gun and shots you in the head without a rp reason. There should be “classes”: Soldier, Officer, Seargent, Luitenant and so on. It should also be used on a map where there is a pretty huge base with staff offices, Barracks, training grounds and also a vechicle hangar Etc. There should also be a mountain and forset area for military operations.

I hope someone got a answer for me.

Kind Regards

Sgt. Ellman

I’m sorry If I spelled something wrong.

That’s kinda like Open Aoura right? I dont have any idea how to add models/ jobs and weps to it tho

I can do it for you Its really Simple.

We are running radioactive sandbox right now, need to w8 to fix it in the weekend

Dosent it use MySQL?

Pumking Gaming Bread Army RP Server is awesome.

I could offer starship troopers roleplay.

No, as far as I know, there doesn’t any army roleplay exist

I’m actually being irritated of all rp’s, but what should u host?