Does this exist? Derma creator GUI

There is a SWEP creator that lets you physically drag the gun to where iron sights etc should be, then generates code.

Is there something similar, for creating derma panels?

I’m thinking something like Visual Studio for windows applications, drag and drop or something lke that, but with derma.

Does this exist?

If it doesn’t, is it possible?

DermaDesigner is the only one I know of, which is very outdated.

I prefer doing it manually, don’t see why you’d want a visual designer thingy

I agree, it’s much better to do it manually because you can customize it so much better and it gives you more experience than just using a tool that sucks to begin with in the first place.

@EvakX, Because I’m pretty successful with SWEPs, SENTs, gamemode stuff, all that jazz, but when it comes to derma related things, I am just clueless. So having something visual studio-esque not only would be a cool accomplishment whether you used it or not, but I personally would find it helpful.