Does This File "goremod with bones" actually work?

This file:

Massive because of massive amount of mingepose pictures. There is FUCKING 65 pictures. Some guy on another thread said it was cool, but i just wanted to know if anyone had it first, mainly because it looks like a bitch to get rid of, seeing its not in addon format. To me, it just looks like Cmasta’s goremod with bones included, because looking at the info.txt file it says the authors are “Ramlayh; CMasta”, and that the name is dismemberment mod 1.9. Is it a mingebag ripoff that hos no bones (really just goremod) or does it actually work like the second and third picture? Thanks in advance.

Do you know what addon format is?

Um, yes, i do. The info.txt was not the actual file, it was included though.

I’m looking.


It looks legit.

If an info.txt is included, it’s in addon format. Unless they put info.txt in some place like lua/autorun, then it’s just fail.

Okay, i’m going to try it out now.