Does this game use up your graphics card?

Hello guys…

First of all i just wanna say not everyone experience this. A few or just me!

Everytime i open up Rust and begin playing, my fan goes nuts! The noise is just to handle but it gets annoying over time.
I think it has to do with the graphics in-game… I can’t change it anywhere and the resolution doesnt change a damn thing… neither the quality setting.

I’m not saying i can’t run it… it runs smooth… i just think it uses up my graphics card… I can run battlefield 4 without any fan noise whatsoever…
Is there any steam launch parameters i could use?


i have a crappy 460 thats running on its last leg (which is the reason im getting a 730 for xmas),

but i have no issues. mine is running fine and my buddy is running duo 730s and he hasnt said anything either. dunno what the issue is but that sucks. maybe the game just doesnt like ur gc? what are you running?

What are 730’s? GTX 730’s don’t exist except in laptops and theyr’e GT730M’s :suicide:

Guys download some app like GPU-Z, run the game with full graphics and check the gpu usage. My gtx 780 has 98-100% gpu usage when playing this game. Pls BEWARE of this cuz the temp can go very high!

ugh… hope they fix that ^

No it obviously doesn’t require a PC to play.

The sarcasm really wasn’t necessary, the guy was asking a legitimate question.

OP, we can’t exactly help you when you haven’t given us what card you are using. That being said, I can tell you that this game will run fine on a 560 Ti or so, because I have a friend running Rust with that card, and he says there really isn’t too much fan noise so if you have a newer card than that, you should be alright.

i meant a 760. we streamed for 14 hrs when i wrote that was tired lol

This is a must do to increase fps and might cool down your pc!
1.Go in console (Press F1)
2.Type in grass.on false
3.Basically you have just removed unnecessary grass and grass details.
4. Enjoy your + 30 FPS (it added 30 fps for me).

But be in mind i am not sure if this will make your fans better.
Try disabling grass and messing around with render distance on different Graphic Qualities (The ones who pop up in the launcher if you launch the game through steam).

I tried multiple different ones and they all performed not in the scale i wanted too.
I hope these stuff actually helps the fan. I personally play on a laptop and low graphics and i for some reason don’t get performance/fan/cooling issues with this game than games like bf4.

A 760 will be fine, I ran one before my current build.