Does this look right?

[lua]-- Called when the a custom business info label is needed.
function openAura.schema:GetCustomBusinessInfoLabel(panel, itemTable)
if ( itemTable.requiresExplosives and !openAura.augments:Has(AUG_EXPLOSIVES) ) then
return “Requires the Explosives augment.”;
elseif ( itemTable.requiresArmadillo and !openAura.augments:Has(AUG_ARMADILLO) ) then
return “Requires the Armadillo augment.”;
elseif ( itemTable.requiresGunsmith and !openAura.augments:Has(AUG_GUNSMITH) ) then
return “Requires the Gunsmith augment.”;
elseif ( itemTable.requiresWolffencorp and !openAura.augments:Has(AUG_WOLFFENCORP) ) then
return “Requires the WolffenCorp Weapons augment.”;
elseif ( itemTable.requiresUam and !openAura.augments:Has(AUG_UAM) ) then
return “Requires the UAM Weapons augment.”;
elseif ( itemTable.requiresMiller and !openAura.augments:Has(AUG_MILLER) ) then
return “Requires the Miller’s Weapons augment.”;
elseif (itemTable.cost > 120 and itemTable.batch > 1) then
local engRequired = math.floor( math.Clamp(itemTable.cost / 150, 0, 50) );
local engineering = openAura.attributes:Fraction(ATB_ENGINEERING, 50, 50);

	if (engineering < engRequired) then
		return "Requires an engineering level of "..( (100 / 50) * engRequired ).."%.";


If all the tables and functions are correct and in scope it looks fine to me.
FYI you don’t need semi-colons at the end of every line with Lua.

And if you want to check for multiple “augments” at once (if required) change all the elseif’s to their own if statements. elseif will only return true if the previous statement is false and the current statement is true.