Does this mean I am banned

Trying to connect to “Facepunch Dev Server” and I keep getting this in console, does it mean I am banned or something? As I can connect to another server. I was speaking with Helk earlier about a bug that I have been trying to replicate that I done earlier and I am not sure if it has triggered a ban or something.

Image of console:

Would appreciate any help here,

I dont know but doesnt look like a banned message :slight_smile:

Don’t think there is a ban message, this only happens on one server. So I am kinda sure it is a ban although it could be something else.

Have you tried restarting Steam?

Tried restarting:

Doesn’t do a thing :confused:

And you can play other games online in Rust, just not on that server?

Almost looks like your Rust account is screwed up… Which doesn’t make much sense… but, yea.

Can play on every server apart from “Facepunch Dev”, nothing screwed up with my Rust account, I imagine it is a ban?

Right click Rust in your steam games list, click properties, go to local files, choose “Verify Integrity of Game Cache”. Try that out, it makes sure your game isn’t missing any files.

It changed one file but still keep getting the error, there is also someone else who is on the server (one of my friends said) that said he got this a few times also.

Try reinstalling Rust?

Just looks like the server can’t verify your account as being valid so it won’t let you join. Could be a server ban but idk since I have never seen a ban message or been banned on this game.

The message means you can’t be authenticated. I doubt it’s a ban however.

How can I get authenticated?

I think it’s due to the FP auth servers being down; just wait it out.

Maybe the dev server is a whitelisted admin/developers server. Since you aren’t whitelisted, you can’t get authenticated

Play a different server?

there was a slight disconnect with steam servers, unsure why but i think a server restart fixes it

i can confirm this, had the same problem past few weeks

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server restart should fix it

Lol am I theonly one laughing at the ironic title since the dude got perma’d? :v: