Does this product even exist?


I have a complex itinerary I would like to put on a map. I’ve obviously seen that there are a number of mapping products online but the trick here is that I would like my map to have motion as the trips goes on. That means that I would click on Play and arrows will slowly appear and show that Team 1 is going to point A by air, Team 2 is going to point B by land, Team 1 return to point A by land, etc. Again, the key here is that arrows will get displayed as the itinerary goes on following a chronological order. I know that I could probably achieve a similar result with PowerPoint but I figured that there is probably a mapping product that will do a better job.


Powerpoint should do the trick very well.

Honestly, I don’t think source is the best deal for this, unless you’re willing to make the lua to do so. but hey powerpoint is still pretty badass.

Powerpoint is under utilized. It’s got a whole mess of hidden features that can really make it shine and not look like a shitty high school introduction slide show that no one wants to read.