Does this server/gamemode exist?

I like the idea behind those “mine to get rich” servers where you go out and mine asteroids/ice/tiberium as it makes you work for improvements but thats all its for is improving the speed you make money. I was wondering if there were any servers out there that were a construction/sandbox setup but you start with a limited amount of money and everything you spawn or create in game costs a different amounts and you then have to do something to get more money to build bigger and better forts or ships or whatever. This would also be a good filter on new players to a server coming in and just throwing out massive lag ships and crashing servers. If you want a big ship or fort you have to have been there for quite a while. So is there anything like that out there? If theres not any suggestions on how i could go about making such a server?

Oh you mean like that old Miniclip flash game, “Motherload”. That might be interesting to see, but wouldn’t it just end up requiring grinding for upgrades?

ya grinding would probably be a side-affect but it also adds more depth to the game. Instead of just popping in a pre-made construct that costs nothing, you could have something you had to work for and plan out efficiently.

Sounds cool. you should go learn Lua and make it happen.

I think it’s SpaceBuild: ‘something’


im thinking about Minecraft (Gmod gamemode)

The idea reminds me of GM stranded, basically you have have to cut down tree’s/mine rocks to make better workbenches/forges so you can spawn better stuff, there’s no real currency system though but there are caps on the number of items you can spawn however I usually find that the few servers that still use it are run by fairly immature people and it can be quite boring but then again it is rp so that’s a common occurrence. Other than that all I can suggest is that you learn a little about lua coding and try to make a gamemode yourself; If you do end up attempting to make it yourself let me know since I’m in a similar situation in that I don’t know much (ok anything :P) about lua coding but I have an idea for a gamemode I want to try and make a reality so I have to learn to code, maybe would could learn together. :smiley:

I remember a gamemode I played once upon a time called “Global RP”
People pretty much started off mining rocks on the spawn planet, putting them in a refiner for money, and using said money to spawn props and build a ship.

Wasn’t that Freelancer?

That is the funnest game I have ever played.