Does this sound like a user using ESP?

Hello all,

The other day on the new server I have been testing out as a new home I was running around collecting resources. While doing so 4 guys shot me done, one of which that was in the group shot me down a number of times prior. None the less I spawned in my little fox hole not that far from where I was shot down. Its just a little 1x1 foundation tucked away in a small pack of rocks in the mountains out of sight. About 2 min after I was shot down all 4 of them show up at my door. It’s like they knew where I spawned. I just finished gearing up to head out again and I heard them walking around my door. I just find it odd as I doubt it was a coincidence that they found my little shack in the mountains moments after.

Would this be a user possibly using ESP? The server is running cheatpunch, ect as well.

Yes, ESP.

Could be ESP, could be that they had a member who saw where you had come from and stalked you to hunt you down in the first place. Really rather hard to say just based on this story. Did you have a fire or furnace going in your house, or any other signs of life left going while you were out gathering? It’s not impossible that this is coincidence, or that they were targeting you before the incident where they took you down while you were gathering. You could let the admin of your server know that they should keep an eye on that group, but you have described something that may be able to be accounted for without cheats.

Honestly it doesn’t really matter if they were using ESP or not, even with hard evidence the only thing you could possibly do is try to get them banned from that server.

If they are cheating then VAC or cheatpunch will catch them, it’s only a matter of time.

90% of the players in this game have cheats (or thats what it feels like), and no im not terrible at the game

… yes you are … i have bin playing for over a month on private modded servers and have not seen a hacker yet just play in servers with active admins and you are golden …

try playing on a server that has more than 5 people