Does this texture say "Mark Secks"? (Not a joke, real question)

I’m just curious if anyone knows what that really says.

Looks like it does.


Actually secks mark.
And this could of been posted in the megathread instead of making a new thread.

Someone wanted to Secks up Mark.

And yeah, sorry. I just thought about that…

My name is Mark.


I love your avatar

mark is “in”!

It says Mark Secks alright. :raise:

Are you all seriously that naive to notice that it’s just a random picture of graffiti that is meant to be used as a decal?

Not all of us. I’ve seen it several times, along with the other graffiti.

No fucking shit sherlock, what’s your point?

In the l4d2 the passing campaign theres one that refers to Plants VS. Zombies
if you read the walls in the room with the toilet after the pool table room it says
“need an m60? Come see me, Crazy Dave”

No, really? That’s why it’s decals/(named)? The point of what I was saying is because most of them refer to other things, like the one of the citadel and stuff, I didn’t really think they did many like this.