Does toolgunning stuff send usermessage by default?

everytime I use toolgun on something, I get usermessage in net_graph.
I searched through every single addon(searched for tool in notepad++ and addons dir), but I find nothing that sends something.
It’s not the same in local server but I don’t know if there it doesn’t work the same if there’s no players or because it’s local.

This is from spamming material tool:

I’ve searched for “tool” and also “CanTool” and no where do I find anything that could be doing this, is it in by default(should it cause that high usage?)

See for yourself:

The effects might be using user messages, so can the currently selected tool.

Thank you for your response. I found out that it was URS for ULX so I removed it and made my own code for just limiting props, so - solved :slight_smile: