Does using a mouse with macro's count as cheating and getting banned?

Sorry people if there’s an existing thread, but i can’t find it.

Iv’e got a razor naga molten edition mouse and it has macro functions. If I use it in game for switching between guns fast will that result in a bann??

mouse macros won’t get you banned

No - it won’t get you banned

VAC only detects programs which inject/Modify the rust client files

thanks for the help.
Another question though…sorry i’m a bit paranoid because there is so far no way to get unbanned,
is it possible for a server owner to ban you…one of my friends told me that someone in the game told him not to piss off the server owner otherwise he’ll get banned from it…

So…you’re just using macros to switch to a different weapon…something that you can already do without macros or multiple key/button presses? Thats like setting up a macro on your mouse so you don’t have to push the fire button…but to each their own I guess.

Now, hypothetically if you were considering using mouse macros for a little assistance while aiming…the devs have already discussed players abusing such macros as being an exploit and have identified it as an issue they’re working on.

I only mention that because you seem somewhat worried about being what you can or can’t be banned for. I’m not saying that would get you banned either, just stating what the devs have said concerning that.

But no using some macro to replace you pushing one different button, as pointless as that sounds when you could just remap the key/button binding and accomplish the same thing…would not get you in trouble.

Macros do nothing to a games files, macros only edit your mouse…

Admin bans only pertains to the server you got banned on, so if the admin is a dick and bans you for a stupid reason, you won’t be able to play on that server only, you will be free to join any other server.

Except the oficial servers the rest is owned by admins that rented a rust server from one of the oficial GSPS. The server admin can only ban you from his server. Macro mouses are easily confused by aimbot and if you use it on most of the servers you will get banned by the admin that will think you are using some kind of hack. It’s the same story about using programs to raise your video card gamma/monitor gamma. It’s not hack but… why -_- ?

Dont worry about getting vac banned because you wont.

lol, for instance i want to use the macro to rapidly fire different weapons or make it through a grenade and then instantly change back to a gun…lol…a few milliseconds makes quite a difference between life and death…

and how the hell can you get assisted aiming on macro’s… only macro’s i know it button sequences and mouse clicks…but not moving the cursor…

You will not be ban VAC for sure … but if you create a pistol that shot 12 bullet in 0,1s i shall ban you from my serv :slight_smile:

Never heard of it. I do not even understand how this would work or help. Some care to explain for me?

macro ise a little software :
this save some movement and action that you do (you could shot in circle then reload)
then link this actions to one button.
When you click on this button : then your guy will shot in circle then reload , in one click.

A priori, this is not a cheat but imagine now.
you save Tree shot as speed as you can save it.
then you use 3times the macro as speed as you can… and you multiplied your shot speed by 3…

Then what about this guy has “burst-fire” macro on his mouse ? Will that improve your accuracy while shooting targets with M4 ? Yes

Can you count that one as cheating ? No,because it’s a feature,lots of fps gamers using these kinds of macros.

As long as they do not bring the “firing options” to weapons,then this one should not be called as cheat or hack,whatever you name it.

not that its hard to do manually but I imagine many people set up a macro that has the correct firing interval for m4 to not have recoil.

Well I can give you an example of me benig an idiot.

So even with about 100 hours played I still wasnot aware you could shift and ctrl click to increase the crafting amount by increments of 10 or max it out. So what I did was setup a macro on my keyboard to spam left click every 10ms allowing me to craft faster.

While a practical use I was just ignorant to the shift and control clicking.

I also tried the same macro with a larger time incrment for spamming 9mm/P250 fire but it was just way to inefficient compared to manual shots.

Another fun one I setup was for when I had 6 pipes on my hotbar. It would fire and cycle through all 6 consecutively. That was pretty fun as well.


I just found that out via a comment on a video of mine about shift +1 craft. I hit shift and it auto maximizes the amount I can create. I just saw the 5 pipes on the bchillz video, but that thread was entertaining because of the hack talk. Great thread.

I think it’s cheating because you get an unfair advantage over people, even though they technically can do whatever you macro is doing
You might be banned by an admin, but you won’t get VAC banned
Wait macros are like scripts and stuff for tf2 right?

i know someone whos mouse somehow allows him to single fire the M4, no bans on him yet. although it is possible all this could change. I have heard of some games who punish you for using certain monitors with built in crosshairs or other utilities.

should i be banned if ive drawn a cross on my screen with my pen :confused: ?

Not VAC banned, possibly banned by admin