Does XP system rollout in tommorows update?

If the XP update is this Thursday would it make sense to craft stuff while we still have the blueprints learnt?

Nothing is set in stone, but I seriously doubt it. My best guess would be AT LEAST 3 weeks from now.

Never mind I will quote this from the last dev blog.

“Timeline wise, we’re looking at 1-2 months to being able to ship this to the main branch. We’re determined not to push it until it’s done, we’re happy with it, and it’s polished.”


The crew , If I did not misread is also taking time away for GDC and special projects. Minimum is two weeks,but even then as Pop pointed out…
Gonna be awhile

No. Noobs that have no idea what the hell they’re talking have been spreading this rumour throughout most of the Australian servers. Are people that stupid that they don’t realise a change that massive won’t be implemented until a forced wipe? The forced wipe was just 6 days ago, so it will be at the absolute least another 3 weeks. And like rush pointed out for the next few weeks the dev team are taking some time for gdc and to invest some of their time in other things. So I would think at this stage it won’t come out until the 29th of April, 2 forced wipes and 7 weeks from now.

i think all these predictions about the exact date are a bit baseless given the team have done plenty of hotfixes requiring a wipe outside of the usual schedule; that said, given the devblog entry about reducing their hours, and the fact that they seem to try and avoid unnecessary wipes, it’s probably safe to agree it won’t be for a while.

how long? who knows; and in all honesty, it shouldn’t make any difference.

The xp system will more than likely be introduced in Aprils forced wipe. The facepunch have said many times that they are working on other projects (their Vr system if I heard correctly) this week and next

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I also doubt that the xp system will come with one of the minor patches. It’s more likely coming at the first thursday of april / may.

Just wanted to tell you that it will probably be in Aprils forced update

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i would wait for the new exp system to rollout i know that plenty of ppl are going to have a hard time gathering resources to gain the exp while a gang of Koreans kills them its going to be an epic battle

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