Doesn't actually download files from server....HELP

OK so I have two gmod servers with fastdl. The problem is when I join it shows that all the files are being downloaded. You know, the white bars at the bottom and it says whats downloading? So yah, it shows that there downloading but when I get in game they don’t work. Any ideas? For one of my servers which is TTT I have problem with custom models in the pointshop only showing up pink and black. And then for my other server which is running F2S: Stronghold, it downloads everything but some textures are missing. I have no idea why this is happening but maybe its my host? I use xenonservers for both. But I have also seen some people from xenon have custom stuff on their server. If any one has any ideas let me know. I am willing to try just about anything.


I also want to add that when I go to my downloads and download folder in gmod I don’t see anything that I “downloaded” from my servers. I don’t know if that helps anyone solve this but I thought I should throw that in there.

How to setup:

How to add:

I know how to set up fastdl but xenone servers has an automatic fastdl so I was wondering if anyone who has used them before has any ideas.

No their map is automatic, Do what i did.

If you need any more help contact my steam


I can’t click the links it says 404 error

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Never mind I fixed it thanks for the help though.