Doesn't Gmod remind you of the matrix?

Have you ever even compared Gmod to the matrix, and how they are alike? It’s almost like a second life, and you are Neo (Because you can noclip and do basically anything). Yeah, and N.P.C.s are like programs within it that aren’t human, but look and act like it. When you select you weapons from the spawn menu, it’s like the thing before you enter the matrix, when you can get BUNCHES of guns and things. When you build contraptions, some of them look like those machines called sentinals. Some ships look like the Nebecanesser, or however you spell it. All I can say is that this game is like an actual copy of the matrix, from how much they are alike. Post here to tell me, and others how you think they are alike.

by this logic, every game is like the matrix.

No. It doesn’t. At all. You’re making connections where none exist.


This too.


You have too much free time.

No, the only source engine mod that does that is The specialists for HL1. GMod reminds me of a sea of piss.


And me pissing in it.

Well, I left that sea of piss a while ago.

Lolwat? lets go over this again:

Hmm yeah sourcemod, as in a mod of a Source engine game, ok.

HL1 was not a source game, it was GoldSrc, very different.
So basically, there was no sourcemod that does that.
Rant of the day is now over

Nobody cares that you hate GMod, in fact, we’ll go ahead disliking you for it.

This man speaks the truth.

Obviously someone cares enough to tell me that they don’t care.


And I don’t hate it. I’m just painfully bored of it to the point that I don’t even play anymore at all ever.

Okay thats just being picky :eng99:

If you think GMod is like the Matrix, you’re definitely trying too hard/obsessed with the Matrix.

Hello cliche remark. If you don’t like Garry’s Mod, why are you in the Garry’s Mod discussion forum? Go play in the OIFY or the Lifestyles section.

I’m not too much of a fan of it anymore, I post here because there is the rare find of something good.

Hey, doesn’t that game do a screamer if you try to cheat or something?


oh my god


A for effort toughdog.

And I stand by my word of labelling all Kybalt’s anti-GMod posts in the GMod discussion forum as “troll”. Seriously, man. Come on.


make sure u cheat and recieve ur candy

I post here to whine, bitch and tell people when they are asking for something stupid. Oh and sometimes I’ll give tech support in this forum.

Get out


that’s the city of glasgow.
No idea why , but glasgow reminds me of the matrix SO MUCH.
and neds.