Doesy anyone have tutorials, tips, tricks when building things like these?

I was wondering if any one had any tutorials, tips, tricks, techniques on build things such as in this link, like the first post vicious713’s mustang or iosekki’s car. This is a totally new building style to me and I was wondering if anyone has any special ways of doing it? Thanks

heres the link (

It’s not new. Just use easy precision for rotating and moving.

Precision alignment tool

Hell Yah!

Well yeah I know its not new I have just never built anything like them, but just saying easy precision doesn’t really help, I have easy precision and using it didn’t make a miracle where I could make something epic XD. Do any of you have anything else on how to do these??

I primarily use these three tools. Physgun, Precision Alignment and Easy Precision to position and rotate my props.

If you can’t figure it out from there you should stop trying right now. The only tip i can give you is : EFFORT.

Use physgun.

Use gravgun and have a friend weld it into place. Thats how the real pros do it!

tools I use are physgun, easy precision, nocollide (right click ofc :v:), and multi parent

Props I parent together has absolutely no constraints, are all right clicked with the nocollide tool and parented to wire chip

thanks guys, also i mainly use phx 3 and there isnt a whole lot of curved or round items to work with, the spheres and stuff are too big, how do you make round looking surfaces and curves, for example; if i wanted to build an audi tt body ;]

You manually rotate small flat props, like the phx tile pieces of 0.25 or so, with the physgun. Dont use shift+E

why :geno:

depends on the gm_snapdegrees

Thats how I do it :S

The reason you wouldn’t do that before we got precision alignment would ofcourse be that it was hard to make it symetrical. But if people still want to use snapdegrees they can use physgun_buildmode so they dont have to go by the servers settings.

Physgun, SmartShap and EasyPrecision. :colbert:

Also, Precision Alignment, if you have the patience.


And a whole lot of reference pictures.

What this guy said. If you want to save time, use precision alignment. You can mirror your props so you don’t have to do two sides of a car twice for example.

start with really thin props, then take 5 days to do it. save your stuff using advanced duplicator, then work on it again when you have the time. It’s all about doing it one peice at a time.

Yeah thats a problem ive had repeatedly. I cant change the snap degrees with console. I tried physgun_buildmode_enable but that doesnt work either.

You don’t have to type it in the console. There’s a menu for it. (Don’t remember right now if it’s in utilities or options). But it’s not like you expect it to be. You rotate normally with e and it snaps back to the closest angle. So it’s not really like shift+e but almost. Tick “snap angles” in the menu anyway. You do realise that it’s a serverside script by the way? Just womdering.